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    I create new realities

    With 13+ years of experience in Extended Reality development and with growing

    knowledge in the field of Virtual Reality, we can offer future technology, right now.


who I am

I'm the guy that listens, advises and develops, to make your project happen.


Constantly immersing myself in the latest technologies, I can optimise your ideas with the best of what is available and advise on the best possible route to success. By connecting the dots or filling in a missing piece to your vision, I am here to support your business needs.


Good business is based on good relationships so I understand how important it is to not let your customers down. Delivering set goals on time, ready to talk openly about progress and being competitively priced, will ensure that I offer value to your project and business.

Problem Solving

The nature of software development may surprise you with various bugs, updates, new device support and so on. I have a proven track record of resolving problems, learning new processes on the go and making the project happen so you never have to lose that momentum.


Innovations in XR (Extended Reality) technology has opened doors to new lucrative ventures in healthcare, education, marketing and manufacturing. Let's see what we can do together that will set a new standard in your industry and make your business shine brighter than the rest.

my services

With over 7 years experience in Unity (multi platform) development and future technology, I have what you need to make your vision a reality. Whatever your budget, I can advise the most efficient and effective routes to make your project the best it can be.

Intuitive Design

My app designs leads users through the software guiding them along every option they choose to access.

Unity Development

Cross platform development, saving you money and time, covering Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Desktop, Web, XR and most other platforms.


With growing XR markets, now's the time to make your vision a reality through innovative technology. What better way to define your business as an industry leader.


Capture user data to help gain business insights into your products and customers.

White Label Contracts

A majority of XR based companies do not actually produce their own software. I can be contracted to produce your businesses apps under your brand.

Software Support

I offer different levels of support with flexible payment options to keep your software updated.

The Best Way to Engage your Customers

Discover interactive solutions for your business, fast, reliable, affordable with intuitive and immersive software.

Here's something I've been working on

A selection of projects indevelopment, developed and released. If you would like to see what I can offer inperson or as a demonstration I have a selection of apps which serve as proof of concepts and can arrange meetings to explore the technology further.


VR Jurassic Ride

5000+ downloads and zero budget.

Interactive AR Characters

Imagination into Reality.

AR Business Cards

Not just a card.

VR for Events

Engaging with Immersion.

Want To Work With Me Then Feel Free To Say Hi


Keep up to date with the exciting projects I have worked on, the in-house software I am producing, my own thoughts about technology and what I have learnt along the way.


March 2018 - Remember that date

For me, it all started with being contacted by Catalyst VR and told this was going to be a tight deadline. The brief was fun, immersive and allowed me to play with the HTC Vive so naturally I accepted. Having years of XR development under my belt and working with a great team, I was fully confident that we could achieve something that was perfect for the client.


Bring back the magic in a child's life

More blog posts on my latest works


More blog posts on the way

More blog posts on the way.

I will make your project happen

get in touch

If you wish to arrange a meeting or conference call please get in touch, I am happy to discuss projects and technology. I can provide proof of concepts of my work available through the appstores or via weblinks accessing our cloud based storage. My prices are highly competitive, My experience in technology makes me advantageous to your vision. I enjoy developing, I love technology, I look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me via from the form below or direct at Gareth@techarts.co.uk


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